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Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour lists all Best in Show winners from 1951.


The full Roll of Honour is available for download in PDF format here, but a simpler version showing BiS and breed only is given below.


The Roll was compiled by Miss S Kimber with assistance from Mr J Crawford and Mrs E Cartledge.




1951 Toilandia Teddy of Ta-Jen (Ch) Pekingese
1952 Ch Empress of Oxclose Sealyham
1953 Ch Caversham Ko Ko of Shanruss Pekingese
1954 Ch Selwood Sinderella Smooth Dachshund
1955 Owlsmoor's Lamorran Myrrh Pointer
1956 Colinwood Silver Lariot Cocker Spaniel
1957 Chitral Mowgli Afghan
1958 Ch Romany Robin Goodfellow Bull Terrier
1959 Ch Asoka Cherusker Alsatian
1960 Ch Riverina Tweedsbairn Airedale Terrier
1961 Ch Alcide of Axe Sealyham
1962 Tavey's Stormy Wrath Dobermann
1963 Ch Leander Tia Maria Toy Poodle
1964 Ch Hensington Carefree Lakeland Terrier
1965 Shalfleet Starlight (Ch) Greyhound
1966 Gosmore Gillsie Scotch Lad (Ch) Scottish Terrier
1967 Ch Gosmore Eilburn Admiration Scottish Terrier
1968 Ch Gosmore Eilburn Miss Hopeful Scottish Terrier
1969 Ch Springett Darken Democrat Standard Poodle
1970 Twoacres Tamburlaine (Sh Ch) Irish Setter
1971 Ch Pendlefold Prince Hal Old English Sheepdog
1972 Ch Saymar the Scotsman Pomeranian
1973 Ch Vicmars Balnoble Royale Standard Poodle
1974 Ch Edenborough Blue Bracken Bearded Collie
1975 Ch Fernville Special Style of Trushayp Old English Sheepdog
1976 Ch Blairsville Royal Seal Yorkshire Terrier
1977 Ch Blairsville Royal Seal Yorkshire Terrier
1978 Ch Tamoretta Tailormade Italian Greyhound
1979 Ragus Gypsy Love (Ch) Norwich Terrier
1980 Ch Betsinda of Rotherwood Deerhound
1981 Ch Ledwell Lysander Keeshond
1982 Ch Tyegarth Jacob of Kelloe Bulldog
1983 Ch Jokyl Gallipants Airedale Terrier
1984 Ch Velveteen Boogylicious Toy Poodle
1985 Raycroft Snowdrift (Sh Ch) Clumber Spaniel
1986 Ch Aedan Twice As Nice Toy Poodle
1987 Ch Darelyn Rifleman Retriever (Curly Coated)
1988 Ch Elve The Sorcerer Norwich Terrier
1989 Ch Pampisford Rebel Rouser Dobermann
1990 Ch Nutshell of Neuedith Whippet
1991 Ch Rosalia of Nanchyl Pug
1992 Ch Julemark Hotspur By Nedlaw Beagle
1993 Ch Bayard Syndicat of Lowyck Beagle
1994 Ch Bassbarr O'Sullivan Basset Hound
1995 Ch Lamedazottel Josephine Old English Sheepdog
1996 Ch Ballalyn's Himself Irish Wolfhound
1997 Ch Saredon Forever Young Welsh Terrier
1998 Ch Ballyphelan Bran Beag Irish Wolfhound
1999 Ch Jansara Daniella Pug
2000 Rowendale Rum Truffle with Bollglade Bulldog
2001 Eng Am & It Ch Greenfield Captain Fantastic Airedale Terrier
2002 Ch Mayson Petrina Scottish Terrier
2003 Sh Ch Afterglow Angelica With Boduf Spaniel (Am. Cocker)
2004 Ch Minarets Secret Assignment JW Poodle (Miniature)
2005 Ch Raglan Rose Maiden at Brio (Imp) Scottish Terrier
2006 Sh Ch Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind (Imp) Hungarian Vizsla
2007 Ch Francehill Icemaiden JW Shetland Sheepdog
2008 Ch & Am Ch Afterglow The Big Tease Poodle (Standard)
Ch Blackdale Carousel Wire Fox Terrier
Ch Perrisblu Kennislain’s Chelsey Kerry Blue Terrier
Ch Manisla Ebony Dusk Bernese Mountain Dog
Ch Vanitonia You'll See Poodle (Toy)
Am Ch Kells Touch Of Fleet St Irish Terrier
Vandreem Imperial Cruz Samoyed
Multi Ch Jet's Moonlight Serenade Greyhound
Ch & Ir Ch Jojavik Midnight Express


Ch Stecal's Love At First Sight JW


Siberiadrift Keep The Love For Zimavolk JW

Siberian Husky

AKC ASCA Ch Wyndstar Magic Marker

Australian Shepherd Dog