Windsor Championship Dog Show - Latest news
Change of judge - Australian Cattle Dogs Print E-mail

Due to the indisposition of Miss L Wright, Australian Cattle Dogs will now be judged by Mr Frank Kane.

Change of judge - Brittany Print E-mail

Brittany - will now be judged by Mr Frank Kane (subject to KC approval).

Latest show information Print E-mail

This year we have 8691 dogs making 10489 entries.


Judging starts at 9.00am for the following breeds:-

  • Thursday - Retrievers (Golden) Spaniels (Welsh Springer)
  • Friday - Afghan Hounds Bloodhounds Whippets Bichon Frise Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Saturday - Bull Terriers
  • Sunday - Alaskan Malamutes Leonbergers

Exhibitors in the following breeds please note:- Friday - Pugs - Judging will not commence before 10.00am Saturday - Bulldogs - Judging will not commence before 10.00am.


For full details of where and when to find your breed please see the Show Information pages.

Change of judge - Belgian Shepherd Dogs Print E-mail

Due to the recent sad loss of Mrs Janice Clifford, Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Tervueren) will now be judged by Miss Marion Hodgson (subject to KC approval).

Information for caravaners Print E-mail

The secretary is now holding a Wait List for the Windsor caravan site. If you find you are unable to attend please let her know as soon as possible. You should return your passes for a refund. We anticipate that the entrance will revert to Gate 4, the normal gate, for 2017, subject to the condition of the park following the Royal Windsor Horse Show.


Please note

There will be a tent for unentered dogs at each entrance to the show. The charity Rottweiler Welfare will be providing this facility. There is a small charge per dog per day to their funds for providing this facility for your benefit.